Krejmer Logistics is a Danish freight forwarding company that specializes in international cargo transportation by all types of transport from any place of the world.
Krejmer Logistics can combine road, air, rail and sea transportation to offer the fastest and most effective way of cargo transportation.

High standards of service allow us to provide our customers the highest level of service. Krejmer Logistics specialists are always in touch and ready to solve complex and non-standard tasks.

Do you need container transportation of a yacht from Florida to Monaco? Is it urgent deliver of a 170-ton turbine from Spain to Mongolia? Then you definitely come to the right place. We deliver any cargo to any hard-to-reach places, right up to the jungle of Amazonia or to the permafrost zone of Antarctica.

But even if you need to deliver your beloved Volvo and move things from Sweden to Palma de Mallorca, we’ll gladly fulfill this task. We always welcome new customers and highly appreciate their smiled faces when the work is well done.

Krejmer Logistics employees always comply the temperature conditions, ensure safe load securing, maintain a high level of vehicle safety and keep up environmentally friendly standards for the emission of harmful substances.

Krejmer Logistics is your reliable partner that fulfills its obligations faithfully and on time.